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TS Mia Maffia is from North England and she loves all the cocks. She always must have something in her butthole. Do you want to play with TS? Just join and see how it works.   Shemale Lexus is on social network. You can follow her work and pics, and even chat with her. Want to see her in bath, in shopping or in fuck poses? Here are the answer.   Like from the old movies came ts Alicia Snow from Southampton UK. She spread her legs and jerk off dick while in her hole is some toy. If you want to see the end...You know.   Larissa Arazi is an uber-sexy UK TGirl. Right from the scenes from nightclubs. You cen contact her on network and talk with her, watch and take part in this game.   Transsexual Red Vex is new girl from this beauty country. She is horny, softy and gentle. See how she drill herself with purple dildo.   Sadie Kross came from Finland to UK-Tgirls. The Vikings have been invading these shores for over a 1000 years!l!
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Alexia is an exclusive to this site, she applied via Grooby's Model Application and we were just ready to start shooting for this site, so perfect timing there. She's very cute and although 26, kinda looks more like a 20 year old student - and I wish I'd had students like this at my University! She's brand new to all of this - but by heck, does she know how to tease!   After blowing our little cotton socks off in her delicious debut appearance, naughty European lass Isabelle is back and on bloody good form once again. A slim and petite bird with a tight little arse and tasty budding tits, Isabelle picks up right where she left off in her last set - toying with and buggering her puckered little hole for us drooling pervs at home! It's another spiffing performance on the UK's only TS adult site - UKTG!   Presenting a tip top piece of totty making a glittering entrance onto the UKTG stage today - chaps, please say hiya to the lovely Bonnie! A 27 year old, shy and petite little smasher who we reckon is gonna be everyone's cup of tea, Bonnie wastes no time getting acquainted with our members as she spoils us with some pukka upskirt shots of her bulging frilly knickers before spreading her gorgeous little arsehole wide for a bit of plug pummelling! Naughty naughty very naughty!   We end the week with a saucy set from promiscuous little blondie Kira Hart, who is looking a bit of alright in her second UKTG cumming. I don't know if its her rock / punk edge, her racy fishnets, that tiny little skirt or the juicy length she keeps so neatly tucked within, but there was some serious bulging boxers here when I got my peepers on this cushty little solo shot by Kalin! It's an absobloodylutely rampant encore, from the gorgeous Kira Hart!   Another blinding little find by Kalin, Alexia Angel is a tasty little minx with that lovely combination of naughty and nice! Returning for only her second ever professional shoot, Southern belle Alexia picks up right where she left us in her debut - wanking off that thick cut of British beef whilst jamming a big rubber cock up her lubed and hungry 'arris! A right little diamond of a bird you could just shag until the cows come home....and then some!   The Finland Fox Sadie Kross really is sex on fooking legs! An absolute stunner of a bird with razor sharp beauty, a cracking rack and an arse you couldn't possibly get sick of ravishing. Returning today for her second set from her visit to the UK shores, Sadie lures us in with an enchanting strip tease before giving it both barrels with a big rubber suction cup cock! Good luck getting to the end of this vid chaps, I've tried twice and failed...
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The sizzling new faces just keep on cumming thick and fast here on UKTG! Enter Lisa Heart, a slim and sexy Hertfordshire lass with a sex drive to the moon. Lisa warmed to Kalin's lenses in no time, peeling off her lilly white knickers to unleash the 8" cut of fun she keeps ever so neatly tucked within, before toying her winking love hole with her fingers and a fuck toy! A tip-top, smash hit of a debut from a very lovely lady indeed - welcome to the site Lisa!   Saucy Northern bird Lexus Bradbury returns to the new home of UK TGirls boasting a delicious new set of knockers! A pretty and petite little darling with a tiny waist and a naughty glint in her eye, Lexus is a girl who we were very excited about getting back in front of the camera for her 3rd Grooby shoot. Enjoy Rochdale fox Lexus stripped bare, spread wide and toying her gorgeous little arse in this fab Friday exclusive!   BUXOM blonde bird Evain Diamond is one seriously tasty piece of totty! A sassy and sexy Northern lass with a flawless pair of fun bags, sensual womanly curves and a rock hard portion of uncut English tubesteak between her legs just make this 30-year old escort the full package and then some. Back today for set #2 she is up to no good on the sofa, stripping down to her birthday suit and giving her delicious little 'arris a hard rogering with a dildo! She's a right little poser and we think she is bleeding lovely - welcome back Evain!   DARK, sultry and sophisticated - TS Jazmin has already caused us to blow our beans countless times with a previous UKTG solo and a cracking porno scene. She's a mesmerizing lass with peepers you could just get lost in, luscious pins that are long enough to be continued and of course a big healthy helping of sweet uncut girl tool that she loves using on her lucky victims! Sit back and enjoy the show gents, Jazmin is back and demanding your attention......   OUR resident redhead Jaycee is a corking little London bird with a proper filthy mind! Sweet and innocent on the streets and a firework in the sheets, Jaycee returns for her second UKTG appearance armed with an impressively sized orange dildo! Spread wide on Kalin's floor, she pounds her super tight little arse-pussy with that fake cock like there's no tomorrow, before spreading her long legs wide and begging us drooling hounds to shag her stupid! Any takers?   SHE'S a foxy little number from the big smoke and she just loves it up her! Meet Lisa Halo, a cute and sexy lass with long blonde locks and a well tight little arse that a man could really go to town on. She joins us today dressed and up for it in her over the knee PVC boots and wicked lingerie which almost looks as good on her sexy figure as it does on Kalin's wood floor.....well, almost! This was her first ever taste of work in the adult industry and we think she did a grand job. Please give a warm and wet UKTG welcome to the lovely Lisa Halo!
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SHE'S A red hot Lebanese / Puerto Rican darling now living and escorting in London and man, she just loves to top her fellas! Larissa Arazi really is sex on fooking legs and the complete TGirl package; stunning good looks, dark 'come to bed' eyes, a nice round arris and a big helping of meat and two veg that she just loves making her blokes gag on! Returning today for her third exclusive is the spicy Larissa Arazi.....phwoaaar!   Lisa Heart is a very horny little lady. In her element when performing for us dirty dogs on film, she is a right little poser who just loves showing us her naughty ways! Back today for her return set she tugs on her big Hampton Wick and toys her tight and puckered little arse before lubing herself up for some serious penetration with a massive double ended dildo! A corking kick off to what promises to be another tip top week on the home of the British invasion - UKTG-site!!   OUR QUEST to bring you the finest UK totty this wee island has to offer continues today as we present a right diamond find of a bird. Laura Smith is absolutely fookin' gorgeous, an elegant angel from beautiful Yorkshire with a filthy mind and a scrumptious little arse that just begs to be pounded! Look's like we have hit the jackpot here chaps, luscious Laura is here and she's today's UKTG exclusive!   SHE'S GOT a big pink dildo and she knows how to use it! Manchester minx Lexus Bradbury is back to give those lovely new jublies a second run out in this exclusive scene brought to you by your good pals at Grooby UK! Stripping down to her birthday suit, Lexus leads us to the bathroom to remind us why she is held in such high regard with us admirers - as she spreads wide and pummels her tight little love hole with her weapon of choice in the tub! Sit back, relax and enjoy this Saturday full English - only on UKTG!   OUR VERY OWN Bond Girl Sadie Cross is back to complete a trilogy of stonking sets here on UKTG! A Nordic beauty who flew in from Finland just to flaunt her pukka assets for us lucky chaps, Sadie really is a picture of loveliness - soft white skin, perfect knockers and a delicious portion of girl cock in her knickers, Sadie has lashings and lashings of sex appeal and she is welcome around to our house for tea any bleeding time she likes!   MEEEOW!! Our final update of the week is a corker little Northern bird from Sheffield. Kat Sioux is a well fit little sweetheart, totally passable with a cracking pair of budding bristols and a nice big cut of prime English beef at the top of her long slender pins. Classy and sophisticated, Kat is sure to be a massive hit with our members and we are already itching to see her next set. Lovely Jubbly!
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IT'S Totty O'Clock on UK T-girl as we say hello to our newest edition! Amber Jane is fire haired temptress with a cracking womanly curves, luscious milky white skin and an alternative punk / rock edge to her. Originally a Lancashire lass but now living in Manchester, Amber wastes no time building her fan-base as she slips out of her little tartan skirt and pummels her little wet love-hoop with a plug. Phwooar I bet she's a right little minx in the sheets! She's hot and ready for you in the update area now.....   CHRIST ON A BIKE! Well not quite, but Norfolk beauty Alexia Angel on a bike works just as well for us. Returning in her first set since we launched earlier this summer Alexia is back to complete a trilogy of scorching sets in yet another steamy solo shot by Kalin. A proper horny little she-devil who is always up for shenanigans, Alexia fixes her suction cup dildo onto her bike seat which gives her the leverage to plow that scrumptious little English rump hard and deep - just the way she likes it! She's a dirty little darling and she awaits your attention in the update area now!   Hai guys, I'm Alexandra Vexx! My kinks include BDSM, Choking, Blood and Petplay among other things. I'm the born dominatrix (most of the time) with years of experience and because I'm German I take it way too serious. I can be nice though. Be the hand that feeds me and I wont bite...much. I'm easy to handle, if you stay cuffed and gagged I wont be too hard on you. Scared? Don't be, I can also be a little sub if you like, just treat me like a princess!   DARK, sultry & sophisticated; Jazmin is a very bad lass who knows exactly what she likes from her blokes. Making her first appearance since early summer she makes a corking return to UKTG dressed in her slutty crotchless PVC catsuit - perfect for easy access to that big uncut chopper which she demands we all get gobbling on. Form an orderly queue chaps and disobey her at your peril! Fookin' bang tidy!!   LOOKING very slutty and up for anything in her second UKTG cumming - it's Bulgarian mistress Elza Rema. A dark eyed and sassy lass with a tight and hungry little arse, Elza is up to her antics in Kalin's kitchen - a scene brimming with fishnets, boots and handcuffs, as well as seductive fag smoking and cock-play! She's a right horny little she-devil and she's waiting for you in the naughty corner (aka the update area) now!   RED VEX is a 6ft 2" blonde darling with a tasty uncut length and a cracking pair of suckable 36C bristols! She has featured for us on other Grooby sites such as Shemale Yum and Shemale Pornstar and she is top bit of totty who never lets the side down in her work. Returning today to notch up her third UKTG exclusive she has a little something cooking in the kitchen - a massive rubber dildo to be precise, which she takes up her gorgeous little arse - right to the base. Naughty naughty!
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Hi guys! I'm Lucie and I've stopped by to show off my sexy ass on a visit to London! Take the time to have a look through my gallery and enjoy yourself as much as I did! I love looking hot for my guys so I keep myself in a trim size 6, bright red hair to stand out from the crowd and always a smiley happy when I say Hi. My favourite pastime is having fun with my playmates, I especially love having my little nipples played with and teased til I'm begging for sex! Let me know what you'd like to see me in and doing next, I love dominant men who know what they want!   IT'S NEVER grim up Norf when slutty little transgirls like Mia Maffia are about! A 5ft 7", 25 year old blonde scorcher with an immaculate pair of knockers, super tight little arris and a rock hard cut of throbbing John Thomas that she knows exactly how to use. A right little UK Barbie who in her own words "Loves sucking dick and being fucked. HARD" Mia is a true fans favourite who never fails to get us blowing our beans! Back today in another banging solo - the sizzling Mia Maffia!   IF THERE'S anything better than waking on a Saturday, a wee bit hungover after a night on the sauce, logging onto your favourite website and seeing blonde TGirl Red Vex spit roasting herself with two dildos in the bathtub then I am yet fookin to see it! Just when you thought this little bit of crumpet couldn't possibly get any filthier she pulls this out the bag - and sticks it straight up her button hole! Settle in for a wanktastic weekend chaps, Red Vex is back for her fourth exclusive!   WELSH T-MILF TOTTY Celine is a bird held in high regard here at Grooby UK. When she contacted us to say she was available for a shoot, naturally we all got a bit of a twinge in the old boxer shorts department - but when she added she was bringing a companion in the shape of the bang tidy GG Busty Lisa we almost blew our whack! That's right chaps, our very first TS on GG - it's a bollock busting, clit licking, fanny banging XXX and it's right here on UK Tranny.   LISA HEART is back and providing a first class service in her air stewardess attire! A Hertfordshire bird with a tight little arse and a nice big cock, Lisa made a couple of Summer appearances for UK TGirls in July & August and it's great to see her back doing what she loves - spread wide in stockings wanking on that excited girl-meat whilst stuffing her love-hoop with a dildo! Join Lisa in the Mile High club over in the update area this instant!   WE JUST love a tasty little up and cumming sweetheart here on UK shemale! Meet the lovely Minty, a twenty something Finnish bird who flew from Helsinki to our green and pleasant land just to work with us. Soft white skin, suckable wee hormonal tits and a cute little arse that she playfully fingers and toys for us in this Tuesday exclusive. Welcome Minty!
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Alexandra Vexx is a horny German bird with a cracking helping of the ol' meat and two veg between those long, slim legs! She describes herself as a born dominatrix who loves to be cuffed and gagged - a proper dream for all of our kinky fetishists out there!   LISA HEART is a born and bred Hertfordshire bird with a big cock and a love for stuffing her tight little 'arris with an array of different fuck toys! Back today for her fourth UKTS exclusive this horny little she-devil is up to her usual bit naughty naughty as she strips down to her white stockings and suspenders and pounds her inviting little fuck hole with a massive dildo.....what a good lass.   MINTY!! A fox from Finland and our newest bit of crumpet on the site, she returns today by popular demand for her second cumming and does a grand job. Strutting her sexy little arse in a bodystocking with the crotch ripped out Minty then introduces an acquaintance into proceedings ie) a big pink dildo - which she seductively lubes before pushing it up her tight little love hoop.   OUR EVER-HORNY Deutsche kinkster Alexandra Vexx is back and celebrating her fourth UK TGirls exclusive by getting her kit off in the bathroom and treating us dirty dogs to yet another trouser arousing, dildo stuffing, cock tugging, wank-fest all shot by our main man with a very naughty plan aka London shooter Kalin! She's a very bad lass and we just fookin' love her - Miss Alexandra Vexx!   OUR EXPLOSIVE little Leeds lovely Mia Maffia is back and up to her naughty tricks in her fifth ball draining exclusive brought to you by your good chums at Grooby UK! Looking insanely fit and fuckable as she strips down to just her heels and hold up stockings, Mia reaches for her big purple dildo and rams her tight and hungry wee 'arris hole like it's nobody business! She's a true superstar and a delight to welcome back for this Tuesday update - Miss Mia Maffia!!   OUR QUEST to bring you the finest totty from the UK and Europe continues in sizzling form today as we banish those dark winter nights and bask in the warm glow of super fit Budapest bird Tiarra! A 22-year old blonde vixen with a corking set of knockers, some cool ink and a nice, uncut helping of thick Hungarian sausage in her knickers, Tiarra arrives on UKLadyboy in this banging debut and we are already itching to see her next set.
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IT'S HERE!! Anglo-German relations just reached absolute fookin' boiling point on TS UK as we FINALLY unveil this explosive XXX girl-on-girl set feat. two of the tastiest up and cumming Grooby exports of 2015! Join Alicia Snow & Alexandra Vexx in this absolutely blistering hardcore that simply has it all - from mutual sucking, deep rimming and fetish dildo gags to balls deep, rampant and merciless anal pounding - this is a head spinning blockbuster starring two very, very naughty girls. Grab the kleenex and get stuck in!!   WE PULL the curtains on 2015 with a cushty little solo from our favourite leggy blonde, yes of course its the lovely Red Vex - and she's brought along a few of her crimbo pressies!! Looking her usual fit-as-fuck self in her little black dress and fishnet stockings, our Polish princess invites you to see in the New Year as she ploughs her tight little arse with a silver plug whilst jerking on her ample TGirl surprise. Happy bloody New Year!   ENSURING we are all standing to full attention on this wet and windy UK Tuesday is Bulgarian beauty Ramona Swarovski looking mouth watering-ly luscious in her military PVC attire! Busty and blonde with big, juicy dick sucking lips and a tasty weapon in her teeny knickers, Ramona is a euro-sweetheart with a right old filthy streak - so stop, drop and give her 20!!   MIA MAFFIA is a true star who needs little introduction. Horny as fook with a banging body, corking knockers and a fully functioning bit of granite hard girl cock that never fails to let the lads down. The self confessed "Leeds' premiere transsexual slut", 24 year old Mia is a proper little diamond who we welcome with open arms any old time here on UKTG. Mia tells me she will be in attendance at this year's TEA awards in LA so there's another bloody good reason to get your ticket now!   EVER SINCE we first laid our peepers on busty Budapest blonde Tiarra we just knew we needed to see her get that gorgeous arse pounded on film! A few late night, long distance phone calls to Central Europe later and BANG - the cameras are rolling and our good mate Joe has his mouth full of girl cock and is balls deep in her tight and inviting little fuck hole for the viewing pleasure of our beloved UK Trans  members! Sit back and enjoy fellas.....   SHE'S BACK! Representing her native Finland and looking top to toe edible as always, it's a fifth set from naughty Nordic bird Sadie Kross! Stripped down to her teeny pleated mini-skirt which compliments her tight little arse beautifully, sexy Sadie boasts her bedroom skills by deep throating a corking big dildo before introducing it to her wee winking button hole! Phwoaaaar!!
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Hi boys, I am Adele Starr and I'm a M2F transsexual girl from Birmingham, England. I have been on HRT for over a year and I'm loving every second of it! I have 3 piercings, (ears, tongue and tummy) with no tattoos.. My favourite sex positions are: cowgirl, doggy and missionary. I'm versatile and interested in males, females and other TGirls. Love kinks and fetishes. I've always enjoyed watching porn and I dream of becoming a huge TS porn star!   Tranny UK favourite Alexandra Vexx has a bit of a habit (see what I did there?) of bringing us bulges in our boxers - just take a look at her previous eight sparkling sets and you'll agree. Set #9 finds our seductress from Deutschland in a London hotel room dressed in slutty nuns attire, treating us to quite the eyeful as she playfully tugs on that ample she-cock before taking to all fours and stuffing her tight little love hoop with a black butt-plug. Phwoooar, amen to that!   THE DELECTABLE Sadie Kross really is the full TGirl package and then some. Devastating beauty, a flawless rack, that peachy little arse she just loves to toy and don't even get me started on that succulent cut of granite hard girl fun tucked so neatly in her knickers! Simply put, she is a TS connoisseur's wet dream and we are delighted to welcome her back for her eighth exclusive 'Bond Girl' special today.....   DON'T YOU just love a bit of Bonnie Addison? She's a proper girlie London lass who just loves performing and flashing her best bits for Kalin's lenses! Joining us for her 6th exclusive this evening she's dressed for sex in her sluttiest stockings and grey knickers which are soon around her ankles as she recklessly pleasures herself with a silver fuck toy. Bad girl....   Polish blonde Red Vex is beginning to stack up quite the portfolio here on Shemale UK and with sets like this it isn't hard to see why we keep asking her back! Slutted up to the nines in her black PVC basque, suspenders and heels she delivers yet another pukka performance that we guarantee will get your boxers bulging. She's a very bad lass and we fookin' love her....Red Vex!   NOTTINGHAM nympho Lilifer Wild is incredibly fuckin' naughty! A right little sort with a list of kinks long enough to continued, this gothic she-devil is up for almost anything and has wasted zero time winning her fans over with her two but performances. Opting for the burlesque look today she steps out of her slutty red crotchless lingerie and treats her winking love hole to a spiffingly good butt plug pounding. That's what I call an encore....
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Introducing GroobyNewbie Iza   Northern Angel Lexus Bradbury   Tub Time with Tiarra   STOP THE PRESS! It's Karla Coxx   Oh Miss Kross!   Officer Ramona takes Charge
Iza (aka Cat) is a young and sexy Hungarian girl who is in very high demand in Budapest. She love to dance, loves zumba, loves a good party and especially loves pleasuring whatever fella is lucky enough to get her knickers down! "I'm a bit of a nympho and just love sex in all forms" giggles 23-year old Iza - we reckon she is gonna fit in around these here parts just lovely!   SITE FAVOURITE, tasty bit of crumpet and all-around top lassie are just a few nice things of many I have to say about sexy Northerner Miss Lexus Bradbury. A raven haired seductress with a big tasty rack, a cute little rump and a very filthy mind make this Manchester kitten a damn fine model who we welcome back to UKTG with open arms any old time. Today she returns to make her first appearance in 6-months and she's stepping out of her summer dress, spreading her stocking clad legs wide and begging to be ravished. Dream!   SHE'S A curvy Budapest blonde with a cracking rack and a nice portion of pure uncut TS party time in her knickers! Tiarra Angel storms her 5th UKTG exclusive today and she's up to her usual slutty tricks as she takes to the bathroom to bare all - spreading her big tasty arse and stroking her length to thick cumshot completion! She's a very bad girl in a very good way - Tiarra Angel back with a bang on UK TGirls!   We are thrilled to finally secure the services of London stunner Karla Cox who is back in front of the Grooby lenses for the first since 2011! A true English rose, gorgeous Karla is a blonde bombshell with fierce beauty, a perfect rack and a tasty serving of pure uncut TGirl party in her knickers! A delight to have you join us Karla!   NORDIC seductress Sadie Kross just loves to get her kit off for UKTG! Returning today for her 8th explosive exclusive she once again has our biceps pumping with this decadent display of absolute naughtiness - bollock naked and spread out on her gym mat as she ploughs her tight little button hole with her one of her many fuck toys. Have fun with this one, Sadie Kross is back on UKTG!   Shemale RAMONA SWAROVSKI is a horny GroobyGirl originally from Varna in Bulgaria but has been living in London, UK for the past six years now. Blonde and busty with a very dirty mind and an insatiable appetite for sex, sex and more sex, Ramona is a pouting beauty who we are thrilled to welcome back for her sixth UK T-Girls exclusive today. Go be appalling with this sexy euro-minx over in the update area this instant!
  MILF Ramona tease me.                
Jazmin's New Knockers!   Oooh Ramona & Her Toys                
BACK WITH a sensational new look - and a corking new pair of deliciously suckable high beams I might add - it's site favourite Jazmin! A damn fine example of a tasty tgirl who just seems to blossom more with every single appearance, Jazmin's transition has clearly came on leaps and bounds in the past six months and she is looking fitter than ever in her ninth appearance today. A proper scorcher of a lass who just loves to get her freak on for us drooling fans, Cardiff gem Jazmin returns in emphatic style to UK Transsexual!   THE COLD UK nights may well be drawing in fast but one busty scorcher who we can always rely on to bring the heat is the ever-sexy Ramona Swarovski! A proper little poser, Ramona just loves getting her kit off and wanking on the tasty helping of pure uncut party-time she tucks away so neatly in her knickers. Seventh heaven for this London based bad-lass today - go get amongst it!                

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