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Tila gets nasty   Solo Chloe Rose   French Maid Anatasia   Wendy Summers says Fuck You   Empress and Christian   Beautiful Blair   Introducing Jenny
Sexy stud with ts penis in mouth. Blonde shemale fucking dude in mouth.   TS Canadian Cloe fingering wide open hole. Kinky Chloe spanking hot ass.   Anastasia is cleaning houses as a side job (although I think it's because she likes dressing up as a horny maid) and encounters a very horny customer! See what ensues in this hot hardcore scene exclusively on Canada TGirl   Are you worthy of spending time with me? I think not. I'm taunting you by wearing an alluring lace bodysuit, which showcases my hot body and stiff dick - both of which you'll never get your hands on! The only oral sex you're going to get from this tranny is me telling you to "Fuck off"! Since you aren't getting any of this, I will take matters into my own hands. Is my teasing and taunting driving you crazy? It is? Good! I know you want me, but you can't have me. Complaints? Talk to the finger!   Empress is really cute with those huge lips and big boobs. Her butt is luscious and spankable and I totally love how it feels. She tells me she wants to find a boyfriend with a big wallet to help her with all her surgeries (and maybe her expensive clothing items). Enjoy this steamy hardcore scene with her and Christian   Blair returns to Canada TGirl for another sexy solo scene!   Introducing the newest hottie to our site, Jenny! Jenny is brand new to Canada and is an exciting addition to also. She is originally from Australia so it goes without saying that our country and website is full of various cultures and nationalities. Jenny loves dancing and singing, shopping, and having a good time with her friends.
Gina Ferrara   Presenting Paneez   Maria and Christian   Blair Ryder   Eva Winters Kicks Off Summer   Horny Sumaya   Chloe Rose
I almost didn't recognize Gina Ferrara.Va-va-va-VOOM! Now as a blonde, Gina still looks fantastic and sexy. She'll definitely prove, however, that blondes have more fun   Paneez is a stunning brand new to modelling transsexual female from the Toronto area. Paneez is extremely nice, docile, and overall just a beautiful creature.   Brunette tgirl from Toronto gets pounded by Christian in multiple positions before taking a load to the face!   The beautiful Blair Ryder returns to Canada Tgirl for a cum-worthy follow up scene   Eva Winters returns today to Canada TGirl and believe it or not, but this sexy t-girl is here to usher in the summer heat!   Sumaya is cock hungry. In this hot hardcore scene with Christian, watch as he plows into her tight she-pussy!   I almost didn't recognize Chloe Rose with her new hair color! She looks equally fantastic as a brunette!
Anastasia BJ   Sexy Canadian T-Girl   Introducing Tegan   Nicki   Tropicana   Deliciously Sexy Tila   Melissa
Christian fucks Anastasia's she-pussy deep and hard   Sexy Anastasia returns to Canada T-girl today!   Tegan is a new girl from Southwestern Ontario. I know she was really excited to come in for her first Grooby photo shoot and I figured she would make a good model. Her favorite hobbies are drinking, and sex, and oftentimes she indulges in both of those activities simultaneously.   I'd like to introduce newcomer Nikki to Canada Tgirl! Nicki is a top only TS from the Greater Toronto Area. She turned 18 on the day of this shoot, and seeing the potential this girl had, I decided to give her a go with a shoot   Tropicana gets fucked hard by a handsome stud.   Happy Friday, friends! French Canadian hottie Tila is here to kick off your weekend the right way. She really knows how to ride a cock!   Melissa is a new girl that comes from the West Coast of Canada. She is an avid gamer and a huge fan of Bailey Jay. Melissa is very laid back and geeky. She reminds me of popular model Mandy Mitchell. Melissa likes reading comic books very much. Her favorite is anime from Japan
Bambi On The Bedsheets   Curvaceous T-Milf Nina Russell                    
TORONTO honey Bambi Bangz never fails to turn up the heat in her Canada TGirl sets and her sixth showing today is no exception. Dressed for sex in her leopard print attire complete with stockings and heels she takes to the sheets for some uber-slutty spread-ass, cock-playing fun fun fun! Grab your favourite chair and enjoying lovely Bambi letting loose - only on CANTG!   Nina Russell (formerly known as NinaTV) is a very classy lady! She reminds me of a Stepford Wife - always very well kept and looking great with her pale skin and long flowing blonde locks - not to mention that voluptuous bod and lovely rear that just loves a bit of attention. She loves shopping and likes her guys to be a gentlemen who wine and dines her - I'm sure she won't be short of offers after seeing her CANTG sets! A great addition to the site - welcome Nina!                    
A Little Touch of Love   Gina and her Tight She-Hole   Tropicana and Christian   Gina Ferrara   Ontario Cutie Skye   Shemale threesome hardcore sex   The Beauty of Pantera
French Canadian cutie Sabrina Love needs some love A-S-A-P! Thankfully Alex is around to give her she-pussy some sweet, sweet loving!   Gina Ferrara is a pierced and tattooed hottie from Ontario, so if you like your t-girls with punk rock appeal, look no further!   Christian loves a tall drink of Tropicana to start his day. Especially when it's as delicious as this Canadian cutie!   Introducing a Canada TGirl exclusive model, Gina Ferrara! She's a brand new girl that we approached after seeing her in person at one of the local clubs for transexuals. We thought she exuded a lot of femininity and that the potential down the road was immense.   Skye is a brand new tgirl brought to us from the Southwestern parts of the province of Ontario. Skye is a ripe 18 year old top and loves to fuck pussy! You heard it right. Skye takes a preference to a nice wet vagina over a rock hard cock any day. She is a bright, articulate, albeit shy girl. I thought she had a cute, girl next door feel to her and to be honest I don't think I'd be able to tell she's a tgirl.   Here's a cream worthy scene to kick off your weekend. It's a steamy threesome with Danika, Valerie, and Christian and you'll see Danika getting fucked by Valerie and Christian at the same time! A special treat for all you double-penetration fans!   French-Canadian beauty Pantera returns and she now a little less punk and a little more glam! Enjoy her new look, but rest assured, her cock is still as big as ever.
Sabrina Love huge balls   Introducing Chloe Rose   Busty Kayla bareback   Dita Dior Hardcore   Denni and the Dildo   Empress is here   TS Jizelle Moore
Sabrina is another cute and perky French Canadian model that we were able to premiere to the world on Grooby websites. Sabrina is very good friends with popular TS porn star Danika Dreamz, and they were at the 2012 Tranny Awards together. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Sabrina now lives in sunny Miami Florida.   Let's kick off our Monday with a new model to our site, Chloe Rose. She is one of the better known up and coming porn-stars in Canada. After securing Model of the Month honors on Grooby's Shemale Yum, and appearing in solo and hardcore scenes, Chloe gained popularity because of her naturally modelesque figure, her curvy ripe bottom, and her charming personality. A French-Canadian native, Chloe is only 19 years old   f you like your t-girls busty, look no further than Kayla. She also has an uncut cock that you'll want to suck on like a lollipop!   Dita Dior is a small town girl from the east coast of Canada. She hails from Canada's "potato" province - tiny Prince Edward Island, which is famous for their fertile land perfect for harvesting the best potatoes around. Dita comes to our website with a small town kindness and a laid back demeanour - but don't be mistaken, as this little tgirl is quite a sexual vixen in the bedroom   Denni is simply fantastic. One of the most beautiful looking models we've seen for a long time and totally passable.She's all bottom and loves getting fucked (as well as a few other things) - hardcore IS coming soon.   Empress is a gorgeous Filipino tgirl that I got in contact with earlier in 2012. She and I exchanged words over text, and then met up in real life for her first shoot. Empress is really cute with those huge lips and big boobs. Her butt is luscious and spankable and I totally love how it feels.   Debuted on Shemale Yum in 2009, Jizelle Moore has quickly became one of the most popular TS stars and personalities of the last few years.She lives in Toronto with her two cats - she loves social networking and camming - and she loves sex. That works!
Curvy Toronto T-Girl   Rock On-Pantera   Alyssa and Christian   Shemale Pantera in Bed   Honduran Anabella   Tropicana t girl   Beauty ts Angie Hardcore
Allison is a beautiful t-girl hailing from Toronto. She has such a fun personality and knows how to have a good time.   We found Pantera at the ripe and tender age of 19 when she came to us for her first solo photoshoot in 2012. We decided that this girl instantly had the it factor and wasted no time getting her in the studio.Watch out for more Pantera coming soon   T-Girl Alyssa is an animal in bed! When she sees the boner that Christian is sporting as he drools over her, she takes advantage of the situation and sucks him off nicely, then rides his hard dick! This will be Alyssa's last hardcore as she's soon to go for SRS!   Pantera strips off her fishnet dress in bed to show off her fantastic Canadian tgirl ass!   Anabella originally comes from Honduras and has only been in Canada for two years but quickly making it her home. She's that spicy mix that you want to warm up the long Canadian nights. This is one hot tgirl   Tropicana has only been in the adult industry for a few months as of July 2012, but she is already amassing a huge fan base and presence online after rating highly in her Shemale Yum debut. She is extremely outgoing, good looking, and just a knockout. Dont miss the chance to hang out with her if she is in your neck of the woods.   Angee is a quiet and reserved girl that originally came to Canada from Vietnam. When you meet her she almost seems a bit shy, but she warms up very quickly. Her Vietnamese descent echoes through her caring and hospitable personality. She was however, all up for a hardcore when she heard Christian was coming to Toronto

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